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The Mirror

In a Japanese new year's ritual of Kagami Biraki, or the breaking of the mirror ceremony, a cask of Sake is smashed open and we share a sip of rice wine in the dojo as part of Keiko. The round top of the wooden cask symbolizes the mirror, which in turn symbolizes the reflection of self. In breaking this, we release the past and allow new beginnings. We open our minds to new reflections, new insights that are distinct from our past, yet informed by it. Beginner's-mind is not to throw away what we've learned, it is to accept new teachings with unencumbered curiosity, without ego.

The mirror is also to realize that our reflection can be seen in all other people. We share humanity. It is in that understanding where we can choose how humanity will be; filled with love, joy, empathy, support, acceptance...or war.

Here is a mirror-selfie taken by Gaia Marrs at our dojo inauguration Keiko November 2, 2019

photo credit: Gaia Marrs 2019

At Kagami Dojo the mirror is the central element to our Shomen. We celebrate O Sensei's gift of the art of Aikido, but make it our own. The calligraphy to the left is "Musubi" which is Japanese for connection. It is what we endeavor to cultivate, physical and emotional connections with our partners.
Here is a photo of the first keiko at Kagami Dojo:

photo credit: Gaia Marrs 2019

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